Sunday, November 15, 2009

General Atomics -- A Purveryor of Dreams

If you've been staying current with the latest military technology and thought to yourself, "Wow, that sounds like my favorite gun from Red Faction-" you're not crazy.  It's true.

Apparently, the prevailing thought over at General Atomics is what works against the Covenant, works against human beings.  Flawless logic if you ask me.  General Atomics is the company that introduced the Predator drone and has since made the transition over to weapons design.  Their latest achievement?  The first successful test of their Blitzer railgun -- a projectile similar to regular artillery pieces in that they fire a giant shell, but different in that they do so without the use of combustion.

As previously mentioned, you might remember the railgun from Red Faction.  It was the giant rifle that could shoot through any surface and, when acquired, allowed you to play God the rest of match... and now they exist in real life.  Railguns mount the projectile on two magnetized rails (hence the name), which then propel the shell out of the muzzle using electrical conductivity.  Magnetic fields can accelerate a shell far faster than gunpowder, increasing the range and speed of the projectile.

No video was released of the test, but here's a video from last year of a similar, equally badass railgun:

[Link: PopularScience]

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