Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Woman Drunkenly Falls into Train's path...

... And the train makes a successful emergency stop (quit your worrying).  As tragic as it (almost) was, can I point out how clumsy she was without being demonized??  The profound lack of grace and coordination in her descent from the platform to the tracks is really something to marvel at.  But seriously, I'm glad the train stopped in time.

And for you sickos out there who were wishing the train didn't stop, don't be disappointed-- movies exist!  The clip below is one of the last scenes in Eli Roth's Hostel, in which a female character throws herself in front of a speeding train after the horrifying realization that her face will be permanently disfigured.  Skip to about 1:40 if you just can't wait for the action:

Fun fact-- the video description is in Polish.   Ironic, because Hostel is set in the another Eastern Bloc country- Slovakia.  Coincidence?

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Bosa said...

holyyyyyyyy SHIT