Tuesday, November 17, 2009

0.01% of Wikipedia = Biggest Encyclopedia Ever

The English edition of Wikipedia Encyclopedia contains around 3 million articles as of now and if someone were to print the entire Wikipedia encyclopedia into a book, the size of that book would roughly be equivalent to 952 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

To put that in perspective, a student from the UK has actually converted 0.01% of the Wikipedia encyclopedia into a printed book.  Have a look:

This Wikipedia book has some 5,000 pages and it’s a compilation of 400+ featured articles all picked from Wikipedia. And, as you can see, the book is HUGE – it’s about 1ft 7in. high!!

[Link: DigitalInspiration]

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AIS said...

Wikipedia, with a 97% share of the online encyclopedia market, has forced Microsoft to shut down Encarta. How long will it be before Wikipedia claims the prize scalp of Encyclopaedia Britannica?

Over the next year or so we will see the continued demise of Britannica as it becomes ever less relevant in a free market, Wikipedia-dominated landscape.