Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Dark Sword Stealth Plane

What do you think when hear, "knock-off Chinese products"? I think cheap electronics that I can buy in Midtown. Well, times are changin'. The Chinese military has been replicating our UAV stealth fighter planes for a while now. But a new Defense report reveals that the Chinese have designed and produced their own stealth fighter and it's far superior to any of our planes (The Predator & the Global Hawk).

Introducing the Dark Sword, China's latest military drone. Not only is it way more badass looking than any of the American models, "it's apparently much more maneuverable and highly capable in air-to-air combat."

And I challenge you to think of a more awesome name. Dark Sword?! Sour Dragon?! Pfft, game over.

[Link: Gizmodo]

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