Monday, November 9, 2009

Mixtape Mondays-- Volume 1

Here's my two cents for free:

Lil Wayne - No Ceilings:
Where do I start?  Well, first of all, I had limited expectations about No Ceilings after struggling through the Auto-tuned ear infection that was Dedication 3 and the most recent failure that was Weezy and Weezer's first (and hopefully only) collabo in "Can't Stop Partying."  With that said, it was a decent effort, but it lacked consistency.  Wayne killed it Drought 3 style on tracks like, "Run This Town" and "Swag Surfin," but failed his attempt at redemption on "Poker Face" (Cudi still reigns supreme as far as verses go).  There are also some other joints worthy of repeat like "Wasted" and "Ice Cream Paint Job," but at the end of the day this Weezy mixtape sounds like, well, a Weezy mixtape-- a couple hot tracks with a lot of skips in between.

Mike Posner - One Foot Out the Door:
So Good.  Sounds more like an album than a mixtape.  Posner, as you may or may not know, is multi-talented; he sings and produces.  On this much anticipated, sophomore effort, he is on point in both departments.  The one thing that I loved about his first tape, A Matter of Time, was the Big Sean/Posner dynamic; Big Sean is a beast and Posner is the songbird of his generation.  This time is no different; Sean kills all his verses and Posner comes with all kinds of beats- spacey, funky, soothing- that always match the lyrics.  Posner shows his dynamic ability with lyrics; he's funny on "Don't Trust Me," he tells a story on "Red Button," and he's introspective on "Speed of Sound."  Props.  This tape has got it all- good lyrics, dope beats, impressive features, and quality vocals.  A+

Coming Soon:
My superior opinion on Burn After Rolling and The Rubix Cube: Blue Edition.  These tapes need a couple more spins before I provide an educated take on them.  Until next Monday, I hope you enjoyed the knowledge I just imparted unto y'all.

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Davey P said...

Yo, I downloaded "One Foot out the Door" literally a week and a half ago and never got around to listening to it - mostly because I hadn't heard much about Posner prior. I just listened to it once and I'm fucking blown away. Thanks for posting this.