Monday, November 23, 2009

Artists to Watch-- Danny! + Where is Danny? (Free Album)

Danny!, himself, says he sounds like "Kiley Dean sprinkled with a dash of Ray Conniff, a pinch of Ja Rule, and a hearty helping of ZZ Top.  On crack rocks."

This statement alone speaks volumes, yet I continue.  Danny! hails from Columbia, South Carolina and is a former student at the Savannah College of Art & Design.  Most recently, he signed to Definitive Jux Records, but not before releasing five self-produced studion albums, three instrumental albums, and even a greatest hits compilation prior to his deal with Def Jux.

I was expecting an album from Danny! soon, but not a free one.  This holds true to Q-Tip's Industry Rule #4080, which states "Record company people are shady."  I guess Danny! just wanted people to hear it so he released it for free.  A retail version will be made available in the coming weeks on iTunes, which will contain bonus tracks, but in the meantime- enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Danny!- Where is Danny?  (Free Album) [mediafire]

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