Sunday, November 8, 2009

Awesome Military Technology-- Plasma Knife

Surviving wounds sustained on the battlefield is very much a numbers game; every second counts.  This becomes problematic for Special Forces soldiers operating behind enemy lines because medical care is out of reach.  Fortunately, the U.S. military has started field-testing a solution-- the plasma knife.

The knife, whose blade consists of heated, ionized gas, cuts through flesh just as easily a steel scalpel, but also cauterizes the wound. By sealing off the damaged flesh, the plasma knife protects against infection and stops the bleeding that imperils the wounded soldier.

This knife is currently a medical device, but I personally can't wait for the day it gets developed into a weapon.  A real life light saber?!  Incredible!  Let's hope the mob doesn't get their hands on it though, I'm sure this is more painful that a soldering iron:

... I didn't think this post would be complete until I added a Christopher Walken monologue.

[Link: PopularScience]

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