Saturday, November 21, 2009


So, after about a week of thinking, I've decided to convert Your Favorite Blogger's Favorite Blog from an internet potpourri to a music blog.  Let me be clear, it is music that I like and listen to (primarily hip hop) and by "hip hop," I don't mean most of the garbage that's played on the radio 8 times per hour.  I like a lot of up and comers like XV, Big Sean, Emilio Rojas, and Neako to name a few. 

Posts won't necessarily be daily since I don't want to bore you with long interviews or otherwise pointless content.  I'll be reviewing albums, mixtapes, reminding of you of artists on the rise, and hopefully introducing you to new music that you would have otherwise never been exposed to. 

The decision was the result of a long overdue realization that all successful blogs need a niche as well my introspective conclusion that I am best at analytical writing.  I stay pretty current with new music, so I thought this was the best niche. 

Feel free to post your thoughts/feelings in the comments box.

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