Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Best Drinking Game. Ever (Re-Post)

It's called Vietnam Bombs. It's America vs Vietnam in a prolonged, action-packed shit show that is very reminiscent of the actual war itself; a microcosm of sorts.

The American team's cups are arranged in a traditional, ten-cup triangle and their cups are filled with beer. Furthermore, every time an American cup is hit, the Americans must drink the beer immediately, refill the cup, and then place it back in the triangle. This is supposed to simulate troop reinforcements. The Vietnamese team's cups are filled with shots and a chaser of their choice (last night, mine was Propel). However, to stay true to the Vietnamese's guerrilla-warfare tactics, each Vietnamese cup can be positioned by itself anywhere on the Vietnamese half of the table. This significantly increases the degree of difficulty in hitting a Vietnamese cup. To make matters worse, depending on which side you're on, the game ends only when Vietnam loses. No matter how much beer America drinks.

As an added bonus, each side can further understate the seriousness of the war by alluding to each military's real-life shortcomings in their shit-talk. Not only is playing the race card allowed, it's encouraged. For example, when I'm the American team, I make a point to use every racial slur for Asians that I learned from Gran Torino. I rule! Anyway, now that you know the rules, round up some friends and play!

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