Monday, October 5, 2009

Movies That Definitely Don't Suck-- Shogun Assassin

Hmm how do I introduce Shogun Assassin? It was a major inspiration for Quentin Tarantino is his creation of both the Kill Bill movies. This fact alone speaks volumes, yet I digress.

Shogun Assassin is a classic tale of revenge and justice for Lone Wolf, a master samurai, and his young son whose family was murdered by the evil Shogun who Lone Wolf served loyally for many years as royal executioner. The two travel a bloody road of vengeance through feudal Japan's forests and deserts; encountering hordes of the Shogun's ninjas and mercenaries along the way. The action scenes are breathtaking and there is enough blood to make a mortician blush; blood doesn't just squirt out, it geysers out like a broken fire hydrant. Martial Arts veteran Tomisaburo Wakayama is cast as Lone Wolf and, oh man, he is a sword master.

The entire movie, which is dubbed in English, is narrated by Lone Wolf's small child. Over an eerie and ominous score, the young boy chronicles their entire journey in search of the Shogun; from his earliest memories of his father's relentless killing to their loving bond in mourning of their slain family. The father-son dynamic is strongly developed throughout the movie in addition to the stunning sword battles.

If you're still skeptical about seeing this masterpiece, here's a teaser:

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