Thursday, October 29, 2009

No Shave November Is Almost Here!!

Oh boy, no-shave November is right around the corner and you can consider me excited.  No-shave November is 30 day hiatus from all forms of shaving; a grace period where one simply lets nature take its course.  As the month progresses, and your beard gets dirtier and patchier, you and your friends can make bets on who will contract a deadly disease first from their funky beard.  OR you can compare yourselves to some of history's great bearded men like Karl Marx (pictured above).  He was a communist, yes, but goddammit he had a beautiful beard.

Also, some of you might have heard of Movember, a charity for prostate cancer in which the participants grow and groom (?!?) a mustache for 30 days.  Pfft, no thanks!  I don't want to look like a dirty hipster this November, I want to look like Chuck Norris; the patron saint of manliness.

So remember, on October 31st, take your last shave and then bask in the glory of your soon-to-be filthy beard!

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