Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Verizon 4G Dynasty (2010-Eternity)

Verizon is really drowning AT&T in their proverbial tears of defeat-- first this commercial, now their ambitious plans to deploy their new 4G LTE mobile broadband network next year! For all but the two of you who knows what a 4G LTE mobile broadband network is, allow me to kick some knowledge...

4G is the (extremely) near future of wireless data; with download speeds faster than most US broadband networks. LTE, or Long-Term Evolution, is a major 4G ultra-high speed mobile data deal. It's a GSM-based technology; GSM being the most widely used (210 countries) mobile network standard. Verizon is adopting LTE to, as previously stated, deploy a brand new, hyper speed 4G network to give its customers the best and fastest coverage, while also bludgeoning AT&T with its always-expanding, soon-to-be 4G penis.

I know that brief paragraph did not fully explain some of the acronyms, but further explanation would venture away from the point of this post. So I digress...

Here's a brief timetable for Verizon's 4G offensive: initial rollouts in 2010, with a wide commercial launch in 2011 and true mass availability in 2012. After launching LTE, Verizon's planning to offer femtocells through partners like Best Buy that won't just make the signal actually decent in your house, they'll have built in Wi-Fi, so you won't have to have a separate box for it.

...And for anyone who doesn't understand my choice in picture- it's Genghis Khan. I hope the rest is self-explanatory.

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