Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Private Gun Shows-- The True Gangster's Paradise

The video below, produced by the City of New York, captures the corruption in what is now being called, "the gun show loop hole."

According to the video, 63% of private sellers at gun shows tested were perfectly willing to sell to buyers who admitted up front that they probably couldn't pass a background test. The loophole exempts "private dealers" from having to conduct such background checks. But the law does prohibit private dealers who have reason to believe a buyer couldn't pass such a background check from completing those sales.

But they don't care, and most never have. Sale after takes place in which the private salesman is explicitly told that their buyer would not be able to pass a background check, and yet cash and weapons are still exchanged. Some salesmen admit to the probability of failing a background check too. Check it out:

[Link: DailyKos]

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