Friday, October 9, 2009

The Nissan Land Glider (Let's embargo Japan)

Emanating from the Middle Ages tradition of mistreating the disfigured, I propose that we hogtie and shoot every moron engineer that sat in an office and created this eyesore. Its cubist dimensions look like it was spliced together from different Picasso paintings, which sounds kind of cool, but turned out heinous. To be fair, though, it does have some cool features. It's powered completely by electricity. It has a balancing system to make it stable as it takes curves, compensating for inertia with the car's body movement.

And, as Jesus Diaz from Gizmodo points out, "it has the coolest cockpit to date... like a star fighter out of Macross or Tron. Here's a video of the promo in action:

[Link: Pink Tentacle]

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