Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Most Badass Robot Ever

Lyle Rowell describes Lrry, his 1,900 pound behemoth, as a "a cloven-hooved, two-legged, half-donkey, half-raptor-type-reptile." Oh, and it breaths fire too. Lrry is the product of about 4 months of work and only $5,500.

He took an engine from an old Volkswagen Bug–like Citroën and stuffed it into two chopped-up and welded-together motorcycle frames. Aside from propane for Lrry’s fire breath, Rowell was able to scrounge up nearly every part, all the way down to the linkages and sprockets. A chain-driven crankshaft moves Lrry's legs and an electric-hydraulic pump turns the wheels in the back. Rowell uses a pair of modified motorcycle handlebars to throttle and steer the beast, but with only a 2-cylinder, 26 horsepower engine- the top speed is a mere 0.6 mph.

But still, Rowell developed specialized valves that allow Lrry to shoot a propane fireball out of its mouth and tale! That. is. so. awesome.

[Link: PopularScience]

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