Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Glenn Beck-- IDIOT

For those of you who read my earlier post concerning my hatred for Tucker Carlson, you know that I despise Fox News. But not just Fox News the organization, I hate everyone who is ostensibly "fair and balanced," but really just ignorant, misleading, and above all, hopelessly stupid. Glenn Beck, the 21st Century Joseph McCarthy, in particular, really has a penchant for idiocy.

I do feel a little guilty about blasting a man like Glenn Beck. A man whose rants are so nonsensical and insane that advertisers are beginning to distance themselves. A man whose national viewership is on the lesser side of less than 1%. Speaking of which, the same people who watch the Glenn Beck Show probably tried to vote for Bush a third time; like this guy.

Anyway, Glenn Beck's most recent blunder was yesterday when he accused the federal government of unnecessarily pushing for mandatory swine flu shots; a move which he, and fellow lunatic Dick Armey, believes will trick "the American bed wetters" into voting for healthcare reform. If you're not really pissed off right now, read the previous sentence again. Pandemic flu in particular, and public health in general, is a subject I hate to see politicized.

I really shouldn't be shocked though; perpetuating ignorance is what Fox News does best. As the DailyKos pointed out: "Mandatory vs. voluntary vaccination is an interesting debate in and of itself. But like rumors of FEMA detention camps for bird flu, the paranoid delusions of Glenn Beck don't lend themselves to rational debate." True. But, not everyone must get those shots -- only healthcare workers.

I personally would like my hospital to have a perfect track record for vaccinations this year. And the fact that scatterbrains like Beck and Armey would politicize this is pathetic; in all sense of the word. Here's the video of Beck and his infinite wisdom:

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