Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Driven to Kill looks like a total shit-festival

Fact. Steven Siegal, at age 57, is still making movies. Above is the trailer for his latest film, Driven to Kill, in which he plays- any guesses?? An unstoppable badass. This time he's a crime novelist who must confront his past when his family is targeted by violence. Steven Siegal is legendary- he refuses to change up his act even slightly, despite his movies' regressing production value. In a way that demands tremendous respect. Siegal does and forever will win the award for worst Brooklyn accent in his role as Detective Gino Felino in Out for Justice. See if you agree:

Pop quiz- which is the only movie where Steven Siegal didn't kick ass?

Trick question- such a movie doesn't exist.

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1 comment:

jake said...

haha solid article.. though despite steven segal's notoriously shit acting there no way im not seeing this movie