Thursday, September 24, 2009

Be a Jetpack Tester... for 35 Grand

Currently, there's an eBay auction, ending in 5 hours, that offers participation in the Jetpack's first ever public test pilot program. You must have a valid driver's license, under 200 lbs, and $35,000 to spare.

In my opinion, that is absurd. Considering the Jetpack will cost about $100,000 when it goes on sale, 35 thou is pretty steep—even if you will be recorded as an official test pilot. Adding insult to injury, a lucky New Zealander (the Jetpack's home country) won a local auction for about $4130 USD.

More a personal helicopter than a Jetpack (its lift is driven by two ducted fans), it can theoretically reach as high as 8,000 feet and move as fast as 60 miles per hour. The company is even negotiating a "multi-million dollar deal" to supply an as-yet unknown foreign government's civil emergency services.

Sounds sweet, I hope someone buys me one.

[Link: Gizmodo]

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