Saturday, August 15, 2009

LED Handrails

Designed by Zoran Sunjic, from Croatia, this creative LED staircase rail system guides people through dark spaces both physically and visually. In addition to looking cool, LED handrails could also eliminate the need for bright lights in places that are not used as frequently.

Despite what the aesthetics might suggest, something like this could be invaluable for commuters and especially people with poor eyesight. It's a good idea, but since these rails are lighted, all of the germs and filth from people's hands would probably be amplified by the bright diodes beneath the glass. For better or for worse, people would actually see how disgusting subways are. Other than that, though, it's a cool concept with a practical use. The only bonus would be to set the lighting to strobe- epileptics would love it!

Read more about it HERE

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