Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Goods: Live Hard, Sale Hard is a Pile of Shit

A 10-year-old boy trapped inside a 35-year-old man's body. A DJ by the name of DJ Request who doesn't play requests. An aging ladies' man who wants to make love to a stripper. All three are ideas that were pushed in The Goods that flopped because, well, they aren't funny. At all.

The underlying problem with The Goods is that it tried so hard to be raunchy and outrageous, by focusing too much on ensuring there's plenty of swearing, nudity, and crazy antics, instead of actually being funny, let alone developing characters that we care about. Jeremy Piven, the lead, does a decent job as Don Ready, but his team of sales mercenaries pretty much all fall flat. They sort of go through the motions through the three days of car sales, and I was bored at the end of the first day. There were a couple funny parts, but certainly not enough to call this a funny movie. To be fair, though, given the movie's all star cast- I had very high expectations. Ken Jeong, David Koechner, Ed Helms, Craig Robinson- all comedic geniuses from Step Brothers and Anchorman could not conglomerate to make even a mediocre film- it fucking sucked. Even the Will Ferrell cameo wasn't funny.

Lastly, in today's era of R-rated comedies, where The Hangover and Superbad set the gold standard, The Goods is totally bush league.

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