Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beer Keg + Arcade Game = The Arkeg Drink-n-Game

College students around the world know that mixing alcohol with video games makes for a better gaming experience. Mario Kart + beer? Voila- drunk driving. Accordingly, the geniuses over at Arkeg realized the market potential for drunken gamers and thus created the Arkeg Drink-n-Game. It's a 69 game arcade system with a 24 inch LCD screen, 2.1 HD Surround Audio, and, most importantly, a 5 gallon keg that is chilled with a near-silent Solid-state Thermoelectric Cooling System. It even has a chrome faucet on the side so you don't need to move to refill your cup.

So, if you're enough of a degenerate to shell out $4000 for this glorious machine, buy it HERE

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