Sunday, August 9, 2009


A really funny website that I have stumbled upon recently is Bros.Like.This.Site. It's a blog, started up in April, that is all about things that "bros" like including making girls cry, wearing fraternity letters, being better than poor people, etc. The best part is the narration, which is so over the top. Below is post #15, which explains why bros love Ultimate Fighting. Priceless:

"I don't care who you are, bro, bro-hater, or bra, it’s a pretty good chance you have seen at least a part of a Mixed Martial Arts fight in your life. It’s on Spike TV pretty much non-stop with Joe Rogan of NewsRadio fame doing the color commentary. It’s also emerging as a pay per view favorite among bros.

MMA has become the bro’s triathalon. It used to be a point of pride for bros to say they were getting all jacked up andin shape to run the Ironman, but these days its much sweeter to say you are training to be a cage fighter. I’m pretty lucky that I got a scar above my eye from a drunken fall in college, because now whenever girls ask about it I can tell them it’s from my ultimate fighting training. I always throw in that I would go pro, but I made a promise to my mother I wouldn’t. That shit always works. Sluts.

No matter what style of mixed martial arts training you specialize in, bros can all agree on one thing: They claim to have known Kimbo Slice was a phony. Yeah we all worshipped his Youtube videos where you see him knock the shit out of that dude in the backyard, and sure we had Kimbo Sice posters hanging in our room, but when he failed, bros made sure to tell everyone and their mother that, “I knew from the day he set foot in the Octagon that he didn’t have the skills to compete.” It’s also important to include the fact that he was a stand up fighter and couldn’t fight on the mat, because this makes it seem like you actually know the technique of mixed-martial arts. Also, anyone that thinks Kimbo Slice is still a solid fighter is a bro-hater."

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