Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toy Guns These Days > Your Childhood Favorites

During my formative years, you better believe I had a whole fuckin' armory of foam dart and water guns.  But nothing I had could ever compare to the toy guns out now.  Allow me to explain...

Just for a second, reflect on every water gun battle you have ever participated in.  Remember how much it sucked to run out of water?  You were a sitting duck until you found a faucet to refill!  Well, some wise guy over at Water Combat! decided to make a water gun with water clips to make sure you never fun out... how sweet is that??  See it for yourself:

Meanwhile, some Halo nerd decided to create a fully functional Halo assault rifle that shoots Nerf darts:

The weapon was created by Halo cosplayer Moz, who combined a cheap plastic toy gun, a Nerf rifle, and some obvious expertise in ballistics to produce this monster.  It holds three magazines and A LOT of darts:

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