Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Origami Yacht > Your Boss'

Yachts.  Once used by the Dutch navy to catch pirates in the North Sea, now used as proverbial cock-n-balls for the super rich.  The pinnacle of today's yacht market is the "gigayacht" segment (over 250 feet) which, according to Poder360, has grown 30% since 2007.  Now most of these megayachts are just absurd; with such mindless amenities as a helipad, submarine, waterfall... essentially everything that most sensible people would scoff at.

HOWEVER, there is one yacht that is so sweet that it's totally worth the $7.2 million price tag.  That is, of course, the Origami Yacht-- winner of the Millennium Yacht Design Awards and the first yacht to fold onto itself for an optimal aerodynamic shape when it's time to cruise and unfold when it's time to stop and enjoy the sun (blow yayo off your trophy wife's buttcheek).

Here's how it works:

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