Friday, April 16, 2010

Snakehead fish ain't nothin to fuck with

Even without this latest freak show, Your Favorite Blog is 2 for 2 in posting weird fish.  Does that make me weird?


Anyway, above is the terrible Snakehead fish, which is able to breath air, walk on land, and even climb trees.  It's the latest in a long line of harmful, invasive species that are threatening Australia's ecosystem.

The fish can grow up to THREE (?!) feet in length and are known to eat water birds, snakes and rodents. Snakehead fish are able to venture out of the water in search of prey which it devours whole.

*remembers to pack Bowie knife on next camping trip*

Oh God, are you kidding me?  It can climb trees, swims, and it eats meat?  There's nowhere to hide!  Just imagine stumbling upon a whole colony of these monsters.  I don't know what they're land speed is, but until someone tells me different I'm going to assume that they run 80 mph and hunt in packs.

Read more about the Snakehead HERE

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