Monday, April 26, 2010

Andrew's New Mission

Our elusive co-author, Andrew North has decided to take on a new mission since contributing zilch to Your Favorite Blog has allotted him extra time in his day.

You readers from Hopewell Valley know Andrew- charming with an overstated sense of self-awesomeness (hence his signature quip, "I'm the best __________ in the league),  smart with a penchant for recklessness, but overall- one of the best people I will ever meet; a true friend.

Anyway, the self-proclaimed Prince Harry is trying out a new look.  Presumably operating under the logic that most flow equals the most women, Andrew plans to grow his voluminous locks all the way down to his shoulders.  Is this is a good idea?  Will he look like Matthew McConnaughey?  Or Dog the Bounty Hunter?

Only time will tell.   For now, leave a comment in the c-section or on his wall to let him know how you feel.  And don't hold back, if you think he'll become a "Fabio-lookin bitch," say so.  That is all.

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Jeff Radice said...

i say go for it glander..why the hell not

Jeff Radice said...

plus, aint nothin wrong with fabio

anuavhad said...

dinger ur synonymous are fucking hilarious, "prince harry" perfect, and fuck Matthew McConnaughey, do it andrew i wana see u look like a fabio bitch

jake said...

go ahead and grow it out andrew you'll look like a norweigan anus monster