Thursday, April 8, 2010

Check Out-- Brandon Vee

Backstory: I was on YouTube a while back looking for the a good quality video of Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones Part II,"  and I stumbled upon this dude named Brandon Vee.  Most of his videos are recorded with his computer's webcam and mic so the sound quality isn't perfect, but he has a nice flow and he rocks over some classic hip hop instruments.

I subscribed to his channel and, given the infrequency of new videos, I'm assuming he's just a regular dude with a 9-5 who likes to rap.  But, just yesterday he came out with a new video that was done in an actual recording studio and it's sick.  Watch the video below and if you like it you can subscribe to his YouTube channel.

PS the beat in the the video is "All That You Are" by Foreign Exchange off their album Connected, which is dope and can be downloaded HERE

PPS Drake also flowed over this beat in his song, "Get Over It"

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Jeff Radice said...

this is some tough shit ev.