Monday, December 7, 2009

Arm Wrestling + MMA = XARM

Ahh, senseless violence.  It's a primordial component of the human condition that is always (d)evolving.  Just look at the grisly nature of UFC, it's now a legitimate sport whose pay-per-view bouts are shown in 33 different countries worldwide.  So, where do we go from there?

XARM, for better or for worse, could be the future of combat sports.  It "combines the intimate distance of arm wrestling with the strikes, holds and general disregard for personal well-being of mixed martial arts."  The result is, in a word, nuts.

In fact,  XARM is partnering with Piranha Entertainment, a digital content development company, to design a mobile video platform.  The prevailing thought being that since the fight is so in-your-face (across a 3 foot table), it would be perfect short-form entertainment for your Blackberry or iPod.

The irony is almost too much; streaming our regression back to Cro-magnonism on perhaps our most coveted digital innovation- the portable media player.  Go humans!

In a typical bout, the combatants, who come from a variety of martial arts backgrounds, are tethered to a table to compete in three, one-minute rounds. A winner is determined by clean KO, TKO or decision, in which judges award up to 10 points in three distinct areas of performance: effective aggressiveness (scoring clean strikes), arm wrestling pins and table generalship (who controls the bout).

Watch the madness in this video below (in glorious HD, of course):

[Link: ESPN]

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