Saturday, July 11, 2009

Memory Pills

Ever wish you had photographic memory? Well, thanks to extraordinary advances in science and medicine, your wish could soon be granted. A group of Spanish scientists claim to have singled out a protein that can extend the life of visual memory significantly. When the production of the protein was boosted in mice, the rodents' visual memory retention increased from about an hour to almost 2 months.

This memory extension only applies to memories made through the poorly-understood visual cortex of the brain. In their tests with the mice, the scientists first removed the portion of the brain believed to be associated with visual memories- layer six of the V2 region. Subsequent observations showed that the mice could no longer remember any object they saw. They then increased the production of a group of proteins, RGS-14, created in that cortex. The mice's retention of visual images was increased almost 1,500 times. Pictured above is a colorful diagram of the RGS-14 strand of proteins.

The implications of this breakthrough are astounding. No more cramming for tests, no more asking for directions; memory games would become obsolete. Photographic memory for everyone!

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