Friday, July 17, 2009

Controlling the Weather

Bill Gates can seriously do anything. Just recently, he patented the idea to halt hurricanes by decreasing the surface temperature of the ocean. The patent calls for a large fleet of specially equipped ships which would mix warm water from the ocean surface with colder water down below, according to five new patents that include Microsoft's chairman as a co-inventor. That could then reduce or perhaps eliminate the heat-driven condensation which hurricanes feed upon, thus significantly reducing their intensity.

One major problem is that Gates will not finance this venture with his enormous fortune as one of the five patents also suggests how to pay for the massive seagoing fleet, including selling insurance policies in hurricane-prone areas. For now this seems as far fetched as the previous idea to fly supersonic jets into the eye of the storm.

For now, I suggest coastal cities to invest in more grounded ways to hurricane proof their shores.

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