Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Homemade Vaccum Gloves

So dangerous and so sweet. Inventor Jem Stansfield used his vacuum-powered device to clamber up the 120-foot aluminum wall of the White City building in London last week. His invention is surprisingly simple: each glove consists of wooden panels edged with latex and attached by tubing to its own motor. The motors were cannibalized from two vacuum cleaners and housed in a wooden backpack of sorts. Pressing the gloves flat against a surface creates the vacuum effect, which can be toggled through a shutter on the back.

Admittedly, Stansfield did use a safety rope in case of any accidents, which was smart because he slipped ten feet from the top, tenth story due to a greasy film on the wall. Safety rope or not, though, Peter Parker would be proud.

Read more about it HERE

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