Sunday, July 4, 2010

The South African Rape Axe Condom Is Frightening.

As the name implies, the Rape Axe condom is an anti-rape contraceptive for women.  Though not a contraceptive by design (it doesn't explicitly prevent pregnancy), the jagged teeth on the interior, well, mutilate your genitals.  And by extension, make it impossible to impregnate the woman you were trying to rape.

Allow me to explain further.  Women fearful of being raped can insert the Rape-Axe condom inside themselves like a diaphragm or tampon.  When Rapie McRaperson tries to get his rape on, his penis is met by a circle of razor sharp teeth.  When he pulls out, the Rape Axe comes with it.  The only way to get it off (and put an end to the constant, insufferable pain) is to go to a doctor, which REALLY makes it easy for the prosecution to build a case. 

Over 30,000 Rape-Axe condoms are being handed out free at South Africa's World Cup.  After the Cup, Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, the inventor of the Rape Axe, will sell them for $2. 

Now there a couple things to consider here...  What if, in a fit of rage induced by the realization that his penis will never look the same, the rapist murders the woman? 

What if a jealous girlfriend uses it to exact revenge on a cheating boyfriend?  (I've seen enough episodes of Jerry Springer- this is completely within the realm of possibility).

Both are unfortunate circumstances, but personally I'm contented with the fact that for every rape-turned-murder, there are many more rapists who will rot away in prison with their genitalia looking like downtown Baghdad. 

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Anonymous said...

Whoa Whoa Whoa... this is not cool for us non rapist. This could easily be used as revenge weapon. :O