Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Sign of the Apocalypse-- Electromagnetic Allergies

Arthur Firstenberg, from Santa Fe, California, is suing his neighbor for refusing to turn off their cellphone, wifi, computers and other electronics because he believes he is suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (seriously).

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (ES) is a condition in which people claim to experience medical symptoms that they believe are caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields. I emphasize claim because no one has been able to prove, to any degree, that this is an actual, physical ailment.

Check out his request for a preliminary injunction:
Firstenberg "cannot stay in a hotel, because hotels and motels all employ wi-fi connections, which trigger a severe illness. If (Firstenberg) cannot obtain preliminary relief, he will be forced to continue to sleep in his car, enduring winter cold and discomfort, until this case can be heard."

Mr. Firstenberg definitely gets 3 out of 5 "Cam True Mag" faces:

What's a "Cam True Mag" face? It's the default expression anyone makes someone really says something stupid. 3/5 "Cam True Mag" faces. Case closed.

[Link: Gizmodo]

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