Sunday, June 21, 2009

"One club, One Swing, Eight Shots"

Golf is a very difficult sport that I have never been good at. Though my swing is not as heinous as Charles Barkley's, it's fundamentally very unsound. Moreover, making single-degree adjustments to my swing in hopes of intentionally creating a slight fade or draw is near impossible. But thanks to the new, $550 Nike STR8T-FIT, technology can now make such minute adjustments for me. Basically, the club allows golfers to adjust their club head to one of eight different positions by varying the face angle (2° closed to 2° open), lie angle (58° to 62°) and effective loft (8.5° to 12.5°) by using a fancy torque-limiting wrench to adjust the head/shaft interface. Furthermore, all the golfer has to worry about is repeating the same swing each time; hence Nike's witty, marketing slogan, "one club, one swing, eight shots." Here's a video of the club in action:

Read more about it HERE

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