Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Macbook Wheel!

Posted below is a promotional video for the fictional "Macbook Wheel," created by Comedy Central's parody newspaper, The Onion, which pokes fun at Apple's nebulous advertising and lofty consumer items. Even as a Mac user, I have to admit that this parody is not only funny, but also justified. Apple does have a rather peculiar approach to advertising. For most of its history, Apple has devoted its marketing resources toward the most indirect forms of persuasion. Seldom do Macintosh ads promote the tangible advantages of owning an Mac, but rather drape their products in veiled images of John Lennon or more recently, in short, content free, vignettes of smiling "Switchers." The "Make the Switch" campaign really only tells the public that there are some people out there who bought a Macintosh and are happy that they did. The reasons for their happiness are far less important than the simple recognition that switching is a wonderful experience. With that said, though, I love my Mac and hope you enjoy the video.

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